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Bennett’s History Boys repeats itself

The King’s Theatre’s production of The History Boys is full of quotes. The staff and student body of Bennett’s Sheffield high school reel off vast swathes of the English canon…

Satirical cartoons and the power of visual art

Cartoonists have long been ‘The Artists’ irreverent younger siblings. They’re the sisters who refuse to hold their tongues at a family gathering, piss off an aunt or two, and then…

ROYGBIV: The Death of the Annotator

Maybe it’s only because I’m still feeling the effects of Halloween (I feel deathly, and I’ve got a ghostly shimmer to my skin which just won’t rub off despite copious…

White Rabbit, Red Rabbit

There is no director; there are no rehearsals. The actor’s only instruction is to open the envelope and read the script ‘in a loud voice’. What follows breaks every convention…

The pivotal moment for Scotland’s art scene

A closer look at the broader cultural implications of Scotland’s big decision.