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Review: My Policeman

My Policeman is a recent book-to-film adaptation, originally written by Bethan Roberts and adapted by theatre director Michael Grandage. The book is a heart-breaking reflection on three people and how their lives are intertwined and pulled apart by the homophobic attitudes of the UK in 1957. The story follows a schoolteacher named Marion who falls […]

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Cult Column: When Harry Met Sally

The leaves are turning brown, and the scarves are coming out to play. You’re back in your flat, freezing under a duvet and what do you decide to watch? Maybe an episode of Gilmore Girls – but you’ve been watching that all week. You can’t watch Harry Potter anymore and Fantastic Mr Fox is too […]

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Review: Remote

Remote directed by Mahyad Tousi and Mika Rottenberg is an unsettling depiction of the longing for human contact during quarantine. We follow several days of a woman depicted by Okwui Okpokwasili as she battles her way through boredom and desperation while stuck in her apartment.  It is a very visually pleasing and stimulating experience with […]