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Seasonal Shift

This article was originally submitted on the 12th March I recently came upon a shocking, horrifying realisation. Perhaps you’re already aware. Perhaps you’re in denial. Regardless, brace yourself for this fact: winter only officially started on December 21st. And even worse, it doesn’t end until March 20th! Does that not just feel absolutely criminal to […]


The Short Rant: the forbidden pasta

As any student, when it comes to pasta, I’d say I’m knowledgeable. So knowledgeable, in fact, that I have a favourite type, fusilli, and more importantly, a least favourite type: farfalle, or “bowtie pasta” as it’s known on the streets. As most seem to overlook, there’s lots to hate about farfalle. It could be the […]


Let’s talk about ‘I Don’t Want to Talk’

Indie boy band Wallows return with their new single, ‘I Don’t Want to Talk.’ With its fast-paced beat, punctuated by playful harmonica, the track is reminiscent of the perfect road trip, but also takes pains to appeal to the indie teen demographic. Their last EP had a more electronic sound than usual, but ‘I Don’t […]