• Fri. Dec 8th, 2023

Hanna Koban

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Review: EUSOG’s Jesus Christ Superstar

It is a Tuesday evening, the first of six performances this week, and the Church Hill Theatre is a large venue to fill. Yet, row after row fills up, testifying…

Fringe 2022: 100 Seconds to Midnight Review

John and May were sixth-form lovers who haven’t seen each other in five years. One evening, the end of the world is announced. In a moment of lonely panic, May…

Fringe 2022: What The Heart Wants Review

We are in the early 90s, in a living room simplistically furnished with an old-fashioned desk and typewriter, a small liquor cabinet and a crumpled sofa. With us is Woody…

Fringe 2022: Company Review

There is not a single moment in the musical that does not bring joy.

Fringe 2022: Kinky Boots Review

Negotiating prejudices, the meaning of acceptance and masculinity, and how to find one’s place and passion in the world, the musical entertains with cheeky jokes, heartfelt confessions, and powerful cast…

Fringe 2022: Blueballs Review

Blueballs is a multi-layered, gripping, and intelligent play that is a convincing feminist rendition of the tale Bluebeard for our times.

Students, Staff, and Strikes: What do people think?

This week, the university is facing industrial action for the third time this academic year over the same issues; pension cuts of 35%, unfair working conditions, and unequal pay.  As…

Review: Edinburgh University ShakeSoc’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Have you ever thought of Shakespeare as a funny, timeless, and relatable playwright? If not, the Edinburgh University Shakespeare Company’s production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream will undoubtedly change your mind.  Right…