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Cult Review: Mary and Max

I’ll be honest, as a lover of animation I can’t help but find myself adoring Claymation. Whilst the use of stop-motion animation and often bizarre designs can be quite unnerving to some folks, I find a brilliant charm in it. If there was one film though that works not only as Claymation but is also […]

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The Witcher

When it comes to adapting a piece of literature to the screen, perhaps the greatest difficulty is keeping faithful to the original source material whilst ensuring that the end result still stands on its own. Many works have went through the process with varying results, whereas Netflix’s new series, The Witcher, succeeds very well in […]


IT: Chapter Two

Since 2017, horror junkies have been waiting for the sequel to the first part of IT. The reimagining of Stephen King’s classic novel certainly didn’t disappoint viewers with its terrifying villain Pennywise and quirky humour brought to life by its excellent cast. So, two years later viewers are faced with deciding whether or not the […]

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Disturbed: Evolution review

Disturbed have been around for quite some time amidst the metal community. Even now they are creating new music – their latest record Evolution is their seventh studio album. So it would be no surprise that they would try something different with their music. One then must ask whether the band have evolved as their […]