Student Arts Societies Must Collaborate Against Exclusivity

Jelena Sofronijevic (Head of Arts at, Edinburgh’s student radio station) and Maisy Hallam (former Literature Editor at The Student) discuss their experiences of exclusivity and intersociety competition in the arts. Jelena describes her project to break down barriers in Edinburgh’s student arts scene, and the challenges she has faced along the way. I am […]

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Drinking in narratives of female obsession: Yukio Mishima’s Thirst For Love

‘Nobody has the right to cause me pain. Nobody can get away with that.’ ‘Kawaki’ literally translates as thirst; the word evokes a parched, almost drought-like, state of being. In Yukio Mishima’s Thirst for Love (Ai no Kawaki) (1950), the term refers to protagonist Etsuko’s complex relationship with love and pain, underscoring her obsession with […]