• Thu. May 30th, 2024

Kat Moir, Chloe Henderson and Figgy Guvyer

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ROYGBIV: Living Room Culture

Campus consensus is that Edinburgh student flats are like none other. Marchmont has its bay windows, Newington is renowned for its high-ceilings and spiraling staircases, and Bruntsfield’s cornicing is second-to-none.…

ROYGBIV: Cultural Drought

The days surrounding Blue Monday suck. With January’s resolution mentality, distractions still aren’t really permitted, and the memories of past holidays are definitely confined to sepia-toned nostalgia. We’re all about…

ROYGBIV: The Kardashi-o-meter

We all go to the gym to improve our derrieres, enacting awkward squats and lunges at the peril of those behind us. Basically, all we want for Christmas is Kim…

ROYGBIV: Bite-sized Literature

Hey there guilt-stricken student! We know self-condemnation grows exponentially every hour spent reading non-course literature. Yet we’re here, like the devil on your shoulder, whispering ‘read it, read it’ way…

ROYGBIV: Halloween Costumes

Pumpkins, cats, bed-sheet ghosts… been there done that. 2014 is your year to impress with your creative costume. Extra points for extra spook. Without further ado. Boo!

ROYGBIV: The Humble Bath

If you’re looking to save a bit of money on heating this winter, we at Culture have a solution for you. On days when you can’t feel your fingers and…

ROYGBIV: Cultural Consumption

We’re turning this week to our top eight culturally inspired snacks.

ROYGBIV: Pick Your Cultural Match

With the news this week (from the reputable news source that is the Daily Mirror) that Londoner, Grace Gelder, has taken a lonely stroll down the aisle, only to meet…