Cult Column

“People around you can make you sick”: a review of Pink Flamingos (1972)

  John Waters’ shocking 1972 breakthrough Pink Flamingos is a perverted and intentionally low-brow, low-budget film. Centred around Divine and her family’s competition with Connie and Raymond Marble over the tabloid title of The filthiest person alive!, the Marbles run a business kidnapping and raping hippie women, trapping them in their basement so that they […]

Art Culture

The Jill Todd Award

The Jill Todd Award is an annual competition intended to support early career talent in photography, open to recent graduates. Described by Roberta McGrath (Stills board member) to nurture graduates as, “persons [in an] economically unforgiving world where they must by and large make their own way upstream”. The rewards in order were: £1,000 for […]