Film Reviews

T2 Trainspotting

First, there’s opportunity, then there’s betrayal. Watch history repeat itself, a different time, a different circumstance, much has changed, but much has also stayed the same. Nostalgia runs parallel with modernity, our favourite cult characters trapped somewhere in between. The film sees Renton, Sick Boy, Spud and Begbie running to catch up with a world […]


Alternatives to your usual study spaces

With Christmas just around the corner, the end of the semester for students is synonymous with exams and revision: nightmare. A certain desperation to find something to make these laborious few weeks more exciting before heading home is at the forefront of the minds of many. Perhaps the key to success at this time is […]

Lifestyle Reviews

Let Tuk Tuk spice up your winter with their new lunchtime tiffin tins

Tuk Tuk, an Indian street food restaurant situated in the bustling area of Tollcross, has just released a brand-new lunch menu: the tiffin tin. Across the road from the Kings Theatre, Tuk Tuk can be found in a building of vivid colours, contrasting with the grey Edinburgh winter sky. We entered the restaurant, hit with […]


Sunderland make history, but not the good kind

Sunderland have won the dubious award of the worst start in the history of the Premier League. A far cry from their status as the “Bank of England” club in the 1950s, when they spent record amounts on signing new players. Since then, Sunderland’s seasons have been a continual movement up and down between the […]

Lifestyle Recipes

Recipe for a winter dessert to keep you warm and full in the evenings

As winter pulls in, faster than ever with the clocks having gone back and the temperature plummeting considerably, a winter warmer on the dessert front would certainly not go amiss in many student flats across the city. The delights of a self-catered flat, once flatmates have finished their washing up, meant that I was able […]