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Review: Harajuku Kitchen

Anyone who knows me knows that Japanese is, hands down, my favourite cuisine ‐ it’s always my answer when asked what one food I would choose to eat for the…

Review: Tutto Matto

Brace yourselves. Last week, a buzzing new pizza restaurant opened (by the founders of the Pinto Mexican Kitchen) on 16 Nicolson Street opposite Festival theatre, giving out 500 free pizzas…

Review: Bentoya, Sushi and Japanese Fusion

Recently, my flatmate and I came to the conclusion that 90% of our conversations are about food. Having moved to a flat on the other side of the Meadows, the…

“5 Minutes in the Pan” with Marie Pan: Chinese Dumplings

Chinese New Year has always been a relatively significant part of my life – and not just because I’m Chinese. I remember that every year in primary school there would…

‘5 Minutes in the Pan’: Ciabatta & Chocolate Mousse

Two comforting and tasty treats to counteract the adverse effects of the cold and grey, for less than a pound!

‘Five Minutes in the Pan’ Bananas and Honeycomb

Although I don’t strictly believe in New Year’s resolutions (why wait until the new year to change?), I guess you could say one of mine is to try and eat…

‘5 Minutes in the Pan’ Apple and Walnut Pie

Apple and Walnut Pie to complete the Thanksgiving celebrations. Total cost per pie: £2.59

‘5 Minutes in the Pan’ Flapjacks

This week, honey flapjacks to power you through term’s final throes. Total cost per serving: £0.99