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Michal Solcansky

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  • Does higher education really make us better people?

Does higher education really make us better people?

A recent study published in Oxford Economic Papers suggests that going to university has beneficial effects on interpersonal skills and individual conscientiousness. Behavioural economists led by Sonja Kassenboehmer observed 575…

Gordon Brown: Third ballot option would have spiked guns of Scottish independence

Gordon Brown has recently revealed his opinion on the 2014 Scottish independence referendum. In his newly published memoir, My Life, Our Times, the former Prime Minister and University of Edinburgh…

Accusation of ‘McCarthyism’ as MP demands list of University teaching staff lecturing on Brexit

Chris Heaton-Harris, Conservative MP for Daventry and Government Whip,has recently been accused of ‘McCarthyism’ by academics, press and political rivals after sending an ill–fated letter to British Universities, in which…