Why are periods still not taken seriously?

England’s latest policy review puts Women’s health and safety on the line. Recent statements from Northern Irish Health Minister Robin Swann are just another reminder that our society still has a long way to go before it achieves gender equality. Turning down a proposal to make period products free in all schools, colleges, and public […]


How Diverse are the 2022 Oscar Nominations?

After last year’s virtual award ceremony, this year’s Oscars will return to its home of the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood on the 27th of March. Though tuning in at 1 am in the UK may not be the most appealing idea, the results of these awards will reveal how seriously the film industry is attempting […]


Is Valentine’s Day Outdated?

February the 14th, a day of stuffed toys, red roses, and chocolates, of course followed by a romantic candlelit dinner. While expectations are an inherent part of relationships, is Valentine‚Äôs Day still applicable? Does the holiday revert to the problematic gender stereotype and heteronormity? What value does the holiday still serve in today’s society? After […]