A perspective on the familiarity of guns in American culture

I once watched in awe as a distant relative shot down a small tree with a Uzi Submachine gun. The sheer speed at which the clip unloaded initially lead me to believe that the gun had fired one bullet before jamming; however, upon looking at the sea of bullet shells beneath his feet, I quickly realised […]


God cannot save us now

This past month, United States Republican Senator James Inhofe brought a snowball into the chamber floor, where he proceeded to throw it across the room as evidence that climate change does not exist. He suggested that, since it was cold enough for there to be snow just outside the chamber hall during the month of […]


Kendrick Lamar – The Blacker The Berry

Why did I weep when Trayvon Martin was in the street? When gang-bangin make me kill a n**** blacker than me? Hypocrite!” Kendrick Lamar’s new track finds him in the midst of a snarling flow backed by a vicious beat, wrestling with a contradiction: the African American community he loves is outraged by white oppression, […]