A rosquilla love affair

When it comes to food, I identify with optimism. In the pickle, for instance, I see a cool, electrolyte-charged customer and not an out-of-date cucumber masquerading as Frankenstein’s big toe. Spanish pastries, however, have proved to be tricky territory for this mindset.  The reason lies in the fact that they’re very dry, perhaps to the point […]

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Review: Theatre Paradok’s Ondine

All too frequently in theatre, the membrane between stage and auditorium, actor and spectator, is too thick, and enjoyment is a hard-won battle. In Paradok’s production of Ondine, the opposite was true. The membrane was joyously paper-thin. It was into this context that the tragically interwoven trajectories of water nymph Ondine and knight-errant Hans were thrown, […]