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Visit my city: York

Known as the city where the streets are gates, the gates are bars and the bars are pubs, York was a major political and economic centre during the time of the Romans and Vikings. It is a wonderfully historic city in North Yorkshire, England, so if you fancy a quick trip here, prepare yourself for […]


Summer Exam Diet De-Stress: Organise your study

Oh exams. You again. Whenever we hear your name what tends to follow are feelings of stress and boredom, apprehension souring into despair, and an overwhelming sense of under-motivation. What tends to happen is daydreaming about the wonderful summer that is so close we can very nearly touch it — if it weren’t for these […]


Mindfulness can offer an escape from increasingly stressful lives

As someone who used to go to weekly yoga sessions and has dabbled in meditation, I have an open mind to mindfulness. Acting as a secular version of meditation, it has spread to schools and universities and has become increasingly popular, with a page about mindfulness on the NHS under the ‘Stress, Anxiety and Depression’ […]