Phoolan Devi: the feminist anti-hero India needed

The name Phoolan in Hindi translates to ‘flower’. Soft and docile, beautiful and precious, eventually bearing fruits; everything that an ‘ideal’ woman is supposed to be. Phoolan Devi represents everything that this mystical ideal of a woman is not. Described as being ‘foul-mouthed’ and ‘bold’, she was married off at the age of eleven to […]

ASEF Capacity Building Training 2019

ASEF Capability Training: Day 2 Report

The second day of the Capacity Building workshop organized by Asia Europe Foundation (ASEF) in association with World Access to Higher Education Day (WAHED) was held on the 25th of November at the Outreach Center in Edinburgh. The first session of the day was an overview of the trends and developments in global practice surrounding […]


EUID on the importance of diversity to International Development

Being part of the International Development Society (EUID), I am often asked: “International development? So what exactly do you do?” and: “Can you get me an internship with Amnesty International?” These are questions that I posed myself before venturing into knowing more. Questions that were then satisfactorily answered and an interest generated. Constitutionally, the aim […]


The Student Interviews: The Student Disability Service’s Assistant Director Jan Gardiner

How important is disability awareness in a fast-paced world? I think it is very relevant. Especially when you consider statistics regarding students who disclose disability to the university, which has been increasing year on year. Our first records which go back to 1993 have 400 students disclose disability, but now we’re up to 4000. That […]