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Research has discovered that octopuses can ‘see’ with their skin

Octopodes (yes, that’s right ) are one of the most fascinating species on the planet. With three hearts, eight arms and blue blood, there are many intriguing facts about these sensational cephalopods. Octopodes are the most intelligent invertebrates on the planet, with the ability to form relationships, create and use tools, and even engage in […]

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Why does the far side of the moon matter so much to us?

Thursday 3 January was a remarkable day in scientific exploration as China’s Chang-e 4 probe made a historic touchdown by being the first man-made device to land on the far side of the moon. It’s been a particularly hard feat to achieve, owing to the fact that beyond a certain point, earth cannot directly communicate […]

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New study finds female’s brains are four years younger than male’s

The claim that women’s brains are four years younger than men’s may at first cause confusion. Since a young age, women have been so often reminded that our brains develop quicker than our male counterparts – which is entirely true. In fact, in 2013, scientists from Newcastle University confirmed that women optimise brain connections much […]

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Edinburgh and Manchester team up to test new male contraceptive

The prospective male contraceptive gel, known as NES/T, works in a similar way to the women’s combined pill. It’s a hormone-based treatment containing progestogen, which influences the pituitary gland and causes a reduction in the production of follicle stimulating hormone – a key component in the making of sperm. The gel also contains amounts of […]

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An interview with Rod Downie – WWF’s Chief Polar Advisor

On Thursday 6 December, Rod Downie, WWF’s Chief Polar Advisor, came to Edinburgh to share his understanding and encounters of the Arctic’s most notorious species – the polar bear. With nearly two decades of experience in working in polar conditions, Rod explains the ins and outs of carrying out science in such an inhospitable location […]

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The Student visits Eco Larder: Edinburgh’s first zero-waste shop

On November 20, Edinburgh saw the opening of its first zero-waste supermarket. Hidden away in Haymarket (200 Morrison Street to be precise) is The Eco Larder. This gem of a shop is the brainchild of Stephanie & Matt Foulds (who are also the founders of Sunshine Yoga in Gorgie). They expressed that just a few […]


There She Goes

There She Goes is a brand new comedy airing on BBC Four starring David Tennant and Jessica Hynes as the parents of nine-year-old Rosie, played by Miley Locke, a child with an undiagnosed chromosomal disorder and severe learning difficulties. On first description, it might not sound like much of a comedy. Rosie cannot speak, she cannot […]


How long will it be until we see the legalisation of MDMA?

The drug, 3,4-methylenedioxymethamphetamine (better known by its much catchier abbreviation of MDMA) is mostly considered to be a party drug. It’s a synthetic, psychoactive substance that binds to the transporters involved in serotonin reuptake, resulting in more serotonin in the synaptic space. A similar effect is seen within the norepinephrine and dopamine systems and consequently, […]