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Daniel Sharp

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  • Burns Night: a kitsch memorial worth celebrating

Burns Night: a kitsch memorial worth celebrating

Let’s be honest, Burns Night is terribly sentimental and garish. The pipes, the haggis, the emotional recitations and reflections, the kilts, the flags — all these things are an evocation…

The New Jacobites: The SNP vs. The Monarchy

On 16 April 1746, Bonnie Prince Charlie’s forces were defeated at Culloden, thus ending all real hopes of the Stuart monarchy being returned to the throne. Alas, the Hanoverian usurpers…

The Kurds deserve support, not intransigence, from the international community

On Monday the 25th of September, 93% of Iraqi Kurdistan voted for independence from the central government in Baghdad. This impressive result, on a high turnout of 72%, has been…