COVAX, and the race to inoculate the world’s poorest citizens

A ratio of 90 to 10 best describes the state of global health: 90% of the worlds pharmaceutical products serve 10% of the world’s population – such a shocking statistic is shown to be true now more than ever.  Wealthier countries like the US and much of Western Europe are swiftly progressing with their vaccine […]

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The deep-rooted influence of politics in fashion

Politics and fashion seem like two sides of a coin, but in fact, they are far more closely related than we realise. Fashion is not just a means to look good or a trend to follow. Fashion is a statement. It is a 2.5 trillion-dollar industry that allows us to express ourselves. Often fashion can […]

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No More Mr. Muscle – The Pressure of Unrealistic Male Bodies

What’s one thing every male identifying superhero has in common? No, not superpowers, it is muscles! In nearly every Hollywood movie it is always the big muscular superhero who is dependable, strong, and saves the day. Perfectly groomed male bodies dominate the ads and movies of Hollywood. But what about ordinary male bodies, the bodies […]