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Tamani Jayasinghe

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10 Uses for Sriracha

A few years ago, there was a scare with the Sriracha factory that lead many to many reports that the spicy sauce Titan would be going out of business. There…

Last impressions: exchange students on Edinburgh

Time to go back to America: exchange student Tamani says one last ‘Cheers’ to Edinburgh

‘Stars for feminism’ in popular culture

Celebrities are in public conversation about feminism, using the excessive level of scrutiny and coverage to air messages on what needs to change about society’s view on women. Keira Knightley,…

10 Uses for Fluffy Wintery Marshmallows

This week, Tamani provides us with various uses for the candy of clouds (warning: some more inebriating than others!)

Seasonal Drinks

This week,Tamani reviews 3 warming drinks

10 Uses for Cinnamon Spice

This week, Tamani gives us food and drink advice using the warming cinnamon spice

Can you think outside the box?

This week, 10 uses for... is dedicated to last-minute cardboard box inspired outfits that are sure to impress - or at the very least resemble a costume - this Halloween

10 Uses for Cornflakes

This week we tackle everyone’s least favourite cereal: corn flakes.