Western Europe’s toxic ‘castle mentality’ is unconscionable

How shocking! How dreadful! How sad! — exclaim the whispers that come together with empathetically widened eyes and a sad shake of the head. They gesture towards the sheer “unbelievableness” of what has happened, and is something we see often these days. These days in which yet another old and rusty ship, full of desperate […]


After the Fall: a German student reflects on how the country has changed since the fall of the Berlin Wall.

On the 9th of November 1989 Berlin experienced the night of all nights. The wall fell and history turned for the good. Even today, people all over the world know of this night. But what happened afterwards? I was a toddler at the time, growing up in the north of Germany, far away from the […]

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EYES & EARS: Guy Fawkes

Remember, remember the fifth of November

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Let it rain!

If you follow my advice you’ll end up like me with at least: 1 happy granny, 5 jars of jam, 3 sweet picture albums, and fixed clothes! Any takers?