• Wed. Dec 6th, 2023

Vicky Gothard

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  • Fringe 2022: Life’s A Drag Review

Fringe 2022: Life’s A Drag Review

A joy and a pleasure to watch.

Fringe 2022: Awkward Sex Review

You may find Awkward Sex a truly awkward experience.

Fringe 2022: Leaving Vietnam Review

[The play] highlighted the depth of the personal sacrifice soldiers from all around the world make for their country: whether the war is justifiable or not, their personal sacrifice remains…

Fringe 2022 Review: A Sunday Afternoon with Gordon Brown, Interviewed by Matt Forde

In the spectacular setting of McEwan Hall, the recording of the Gordon Brown episode of Matt Forde‚Äôs podcast, The Political Party, provided a one-hour insight into the life, work and…

Fringe 2022: Flamenco Fiesta Review

Flamenco Fiesta will take you on a rhythmic journey right back to Spain.

Fringe 2022: Bloody Difficult Women Review

The piece is not afraid to highlight how politicians often refuse to go against the grain, or to refuse to do what is right for the greater good, because of…