A Different First Lady

This article was originally uploaded on the 21st March War is an inherently masculine concept. It embodies all the tropes and values that traditional masculinity promotes. War values violence, egos, a lack of compassion, a ‘man up’ attitude. This is often seen in the way war is portrayed in the media, in speeches by (usually […]


Will the University of Edinburgh go further than Teviot posters to tackle the issue of women’s safety?

Cw: Sexual assault, Sexual violence Nightclubs have reopened this week (24th Jan) in Scotland under the most recent relaxation of Scotland’s COVID restrictions. The issue of safety is once again brought to the forefront of many women’s’ lives. Nightclubs all seem to be saying that they are making a concerted effort to keep women safe. […]


Friday night at No. 10

After a long hard day at the office Boris Johnson’s staff ask him once again whether he would like a cup of tea. He reclines in his office chair, looking up from his conversation with Dominic Cummings.  “But it’s 6 – you mean would I like a G&T.” Cummings, sitting on the other side of […]


Scotland introduces LGBTQ+ education

Scotland has become the first country in the world to incorporate LGBTQ+ education into the school curriculum. The campaign to introduce LGBTQ+ education into the Scottish school curriculum was launched by Time For Inclusive Education several years ago and the LGBTQ+ education has been in place in Scottish schools since September 2021.  The Scottish government […]