Autumnal Reasons to Smile

It’s the small things in life that make the autumnal season the most enjoyable.

In my ideal world, autumn would be every season. However, I suppose the reason autumn fanatics love the season so much is the anticipation that comes waiting for it. After every scathing hot summer, especially the UK’s most recent ones, it’s bliss to be able to wear a cosy jumper again, have a hot coffee and layer fashion items without profusely sweating as soon as you step outside. Sometimes, when starting or returning to university, people don’t always have time to make the most of autumn and its perks, as they are too focused on work. Therefore, I’ve put together a short list of my favourite activities to do in autumn to bring a smile back to your face even with the workload piling on.

Do it! Be the (for some reason deemed obnoxious) coffee lover and try some new cafes, and order the pumpkin spice latte with your own variation of plant-based milk. This autumnal classic brings so much joy to my life and hopefully to yours too. Find yourself a cute cafe (I recommend Black Medicine on Nicolson Street) and treat yourself to an overpriced coffee (cries in student loan). Romanticise your life whilst slowly drinking your perfected coffee order and do your uni work, so that everyone can see how you are so obviously the main character. 

My absolute favourite thing about autumn is watching the slow evolution of the ever-changing trees over the months. Go for a walk and, if the orange, yellow and red leaves billowing in the wind don’t bring a smile to your face, then I don’t know what will. Wrap up in your cosiest scarf and coat and take a walk across the Meadows, purposely looking for the crispiest leaves to tread on. The crunch is so satisfying, it will immediately bring at least a smirk to your face on dreary days.

There is a certain magic about rainy days in autumn. Let me get this straight, being outside on rainy days is definitely not my cup of tea, and when you are running to and from lectures in it, the day does go a bit downhill. However, those weekends when you wake up to the pattering of rain on your window, make the most of it. Grab your favourite blanket, a hot water bottle (because heating is too expensive) and cosy up in bed with a new or old book. You might even think of treating yourself to a hot chocolate. These relaxing autumnal days are always my favourite to reset, and, to me, this is the epitome of autumn and has to be done. You could even sit by the window whilst playing your autumnal playlist and watch as people struggle in the wind and the rain for some entertainment whilst you are safe within the walls of your flat.

Overall, it’s the small things in life that make the autumnal season the most enjoyable, and integrating them into your daily routine will hopefully bring a smile to your face as much as it does mine. And well, if not, then summer is never too far away!

Image credits: Eleanor Beaven, with permission.