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AW20 Trends: One way to address the foreseeable chilly days

The past week has been a sunny delight. The air is crisp, the meadows have flowers blossoming once again and I have been wearing my ‘thin’ coat. The cold is the last thing we want to address right now but we do live in Scotland where the conditions are Baltic for the most part and the sun constantly plays hide and seek. This reality check does not have to be all that bad because, AW20 just happened and there are some exciting enterprises lined up.

Shearling, Shoulder Pads, Sporty and Sailor: Starting off strong here, shearling is one of the chicest ways to look put together. Shearling lined coats keep you snug and looking smug! Shearling is not all reserved for coats, evening cocktail dresses, bags and shoes trimmed with shearling can make such a fun statement. The next trend is a hard pill to swallow, shoulder pads. Whenever I buy a blazer from a vintage store, the first thing I do is remove the shoulder padding and I am not sure if I am relived to not have to do that anymore. But on the bright side, shoulder pads present infinite architectural possibilities and can make it easier to carry the weight of your coursework and other responsibilities. Sporty is great because it means teddy, culottes but most importantly cargo pants! The practicality of cargo pants in unfathomable, with all its storage potential and the ease of dancing, this could be the most practical clubbing outfit. Sailor stripes, nautical hats, knitwear and leather shoes, sailor chic can form you an outfit all by itself.

Pop Feathers, Punk and Plaid: Feathers were big at the 2019 Met Gala and they are here to stay. Bright feathers have dominated most Hollywood golden era looks one of the most iconic being Elton John’s big white suit. Punk has always been a fashion favourite with its detached looks. Dominatrix looks, studs, androgyny, all the good stuff is coming our way. With punk, comes plaid. Plaid is one of the most versatile designs. Wear it as skirt, shirt, coat or dress, there is too little room for error.

Leather and Lingerie: Leather is simply and eternally beautiful. Patent leather, crocodile leather, dyed leather and all forms of textured leather are here, and they are fabulous. Lingerie is not just for nighttime anymore. Layering lingerie, like a corset over a t shirt for daytime looks or even having it peek through a sheer blouse or a dress was seen on most runways.

Other big trends include, Neon. Ignoring personal bias and middle school fashion fiascos, neon can actually be made very can be kept simple with a knit cardigan, a stripe in your shoes or you can rock a neon pink dress. Neon eyeliner is also another way to embrace the trend for make-up lovers.

Campus chic: On campus, I do expect to see some of these trends. I see shearling trimmed leather coats and jackets, neon sweatshirts, plaid coats and a lot of sailor striped sweaters. Cargo pants must be embraced for those 9 ams when you barely have time to get dressed. I also predict a lot of faux fur coats and pops of bright feather linings. Overall, AW20 trends have been very practical and can easily be incorporated into your everyday style. Wake me up when September ends, for some of these trend combinations are just so exciting.

Image: bironik poroter via Flickr