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‘Baby’ eases Four Tet listeners towards new LP

ByTristan Scott

Feb 11, 2020

Three stars. 

In anticipation of the release of his forthcoming LP Sixteen Oceans, English producer-stroke-genius Four Tet has released the second single to be included on the album. The electronic music guru’s first music of the decade finds him on familiar ground in some respects, but there are also a few new surprises. The track features Ellie Goulding with a catchy, infectious loop that repeats throughout the song. Her vocals are cut up in such a way to produce a glitchy sound, which contrasts with the soft pulsing of the bass and smooth synths that are at play underneath the singer’s voice. Midway through, the music breaks down into a peaceful pause, with bright and gentle synth chords puncturing nature sounds of birdsong and the trickling of a stream of water. From this point, the song returns to the vocals of Goulding and upbeat backing.

With the tracklist for Sixteen Oceans due for release in March, we can see that ‘Baby’ and last year’s ‘Teenage Birdsong’ are the only singles that will be included. The album will have sixteen songs in total and is the first LP released by Four Tet since the hugely popular New Energy in 2017. Whilst ‘Baby’ may not have listeners’ expectations at sky-high levels, it is still a lovely listen and if Sixteen Oceans’ other tracks can replicate the form that Four Tet finds himself in on this latest single, then the album will be another hit.

Image: Jonathan Fisher via Flickr