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“Baby, it’s cold outside” – so what can you do inside?

ByTaylor Findlay

Nov 28, 2016

As a self-proclaimed night-in enthusiast, the familiar Scottish winter has garnered a warm welcome from me. Along with the multitude of nights spent in my flat – the sole keeper of warmth and comfort – I have curated a few activities that are sure to make up for those missed summer nights out.


Who says that keeping yourself safe from the chill means abandoning the outside world? Invite everyone over and create a photobooth! Using sheets, posters, and pictures as the background, all you will have to do is get a camera and some props. Make the memories that much more special by involving a polaroid camera – on the spot scrapbooking, anyone?


With Christmas upon us, now is the time of giving. Especially given the lowering temperature outside, this is the best time to rummage through all the clothes and jumpers in the back of your wardrobe and donate to your local charity shop, and pick up a few extras as well.


“Put some records on while I pour” – not only can Christmas parties help you burn some calories this season, but you can basically have a night out in your flat by creating your own dance party. Hang up the fairy lights and pull out your best moves to create some body heat. This will keep you warm, as well as make you feel as though the winter never showed up – just no Justin Bieber, please.


The season of giving can also mean the season of cooking, so before you make your adventure home, take this opportunity to teach yourself some of your favourite recipes. With various social media platforms such as YouTube and Pinterest, there is nothing short of an inspiring array of options to pick from when deciding what you will wow your family with this Christmas.


I stand determined when it comes to the classic cinema night in. Whether on your own or surrounded with your favourite people, nothing gets better than snacks and a movie.

My advice? Go all out. Loungewear, too many blankets to count, Gilmore Girl-style snacks (and catch up on the revival on Netflix if you haven’t seen it already *wink wink*) and a film you are almost sure you won’t fall asleep to.

Wrap up and enjoy these nights ahead – you never know how much you might miss something until it is gone.


[Image: Adriana Macias @ Pixabay]


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