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Baby Strange at The Caves

ByEsme Guron

Oct 29, 2021
Baby Strange

As the gig ended, floods of sweaty, exalted teens congregated outside The Caves, pumped from the sound of Baby Strange and their oozing neo-punk energy. Amongst the elf bars and rollies were wide smiles as people felt invigorated by the injection of passionate energy emanated by Baby Strange. 

The Caves, with its rustic exposed brick walls and intimate curved interior, created the perfect atmosphere for a crowd this wild. The audience bounced around the venue, tears were shed, and crowds were surfed.

Baby Strange has accumulated what felt like an intense cult following as passionate chants were bellowed around this echo chamber of a venue. Although numbers such as “Pure Evil” and “More! More! More!” were played with raw aggression, it was difficult to escape the cosy community feel of the crowd and intimacy within the venue. 

The Caves was described, by a fellow listener, as a “classy but claustrophobic tunnel” whilst the gig was “sweaty, but amazing”. This juxtaposition between the band’s passion fueled allure and the venues unique charm caused a complimentary atmosphere.  

This innovative band doesn’t shy away from political issues, spitting the ugly truth without it feeling forced. Their promising, relevant and fresh sound looks set to a blow up in the next few years. The freshers event contained a contrast between devoted Baby Strange fans and clueless Indie-Soc members who have never heard of the band before. 

However, Amongst the rattling guitar and mosh pits, at the other end of the venue, people were not so charmed by the extortionate prices of the drinks; one girl complaining, “I spent £10.80 for a ginger beer – they’re ripping us off.” On a student night out, the handsome sized prices were not appreciated. 

As the gig came to a close, fellow students described the band as “Indie Punk Oasis meets The Clash” as well as “anxiety shit which teenagers will love!” When the gig ended vocalist and guitarist Johnny Madden bellowed that this was the “best gig we have ever done in Edinburgh”; received by a series of cheers, tears and thrown beers.

Image credit: Daniel Blake via Baby Strange press release