Backlash as Edifess post is “condescending” towards Chinese students

Students have hit out at a post on Facebook page Edifess after it suggested Chinese students should “be more proud of their actual name.”

The post suggested it was better to use your actual name even if it was mispronounced than to use an alternative name.

The post gathered over 200 reactions and 43 comments, many of which hit back at the premise of the post.

Edifess is a Facebook page that allows students to submit messages to be posted anonymously.

President of Edinburgh University Students’ Association Andrew Wilson said in a statement: “We believe that all students have a right to be known by a name that feels right for them, it’s a personal choice.

“However, this should be a choice they make freely, not one driven by fear of humiliation, harassment, or being seen as difficult for refusing to change their name.”

One commenter described the tone of the post as “condescending” and said: “Many non-English names being mispronounced doesn’t mean we have to willingly tolerate the mispronunciations and wince through the butchering of our names.

“Especially if the name is difficult to pronounce and/or the pinyin spells out words that are rude in English.

“I can’t speak for everyone, but my English name is as much a part of my identity as my Chinese name is.”

Another comment said: “Addressing people the way they want you to not the way you want to is a sign of respect, Chinese or not.”

Edifess have previously come under scrutiny for allowing posts with allegedly racist and anti-Semitic content.

The page is independently run and has over 11 thousand likes.

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