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BBC Radio Four: In Pod We Trust

ByChris Lynch

Nov 16, 2015

BBC Radio Four has launched a stylish and timely new radio series dedicated to podcasting from around the world. Presented by the articulate and cheery Miranda Sawyer, In Pod We Trust aspires to share the best and most memorable international podcasting.

With the explosion in both the circulation and quality of podcasts over the past few years, podcasts have well and truly become cool – something that this radio programme is keen to explore. Is the podcast boom a bubble, or is podcasting set to take its place alongside TV and radio as a media genre in it for the long haul?

The first episode features podcaster Helen Zaltzman praising the podcast for mat for being unfiltered and for eschewing the branding context of a channel, unlike radio. If you want storytelling, laughs and intelligent reflection on a potential brave new media world, look no further.

Image: Mingo Hagen

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