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Bedfest 2024: Spotlight on ‘Lights Out’

ByCharlotte Cannell

Feb 1, 2024
Pink Theatre Poster

Having previously directed ‘Di, Viv and Rose’ last Autumn at Bedlam, Rae Webb will join the
Bedfest line-up as writer and director with a new play that centres further on the female
experience, to be staged on Friday the 2nd of February at 19.30.

Approaching the ever-changing challenges of early-adulthood and observing childhood
through a retrospective lens, ‘Lights Out’ revolves around two sisters in their early twenties.
Whilst one helps the other move into a new flat, the two reminisce about their childhood,
confronted with the closeness their relationship has lost and their conflicting memories of a
shared past.

Following the two sisters in real-time, the audience will experience on-stage action in
parallel to the characters themselves, promising a captivating journey into memory,
distance, and the complexities of familial love.

Webb describes the play as something with a lot to relate to, whether it’s the intricacies of
sisterhood and female relationships, or navigating the space between adolescence and
adulthood, all too familiar to the student experience. Hoping to leave the audience with a
new perspective on memory, encouraging them to reanalyse and challenge the past, the
play redefines reminiscence as something that cannot be confined to a photograph and
questions the moral perceptions of figures from childhood.

The collaborative effort and energy of the cast and production team have contributed to a
dynamic and rewarding creative process, with ‘Lights Out’ promising an unmissable
portrayal of love, distance, memory, and ignorance for its audience at the Bedlam theatre
this Friday night.

Image provided via Bedlam Theatre Press release