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Best of Burlesque

ByCaitlin Powell

Aug 23, 2017

The crème de la crème of the burlesque world has been brought to Assembly Gardens for a cheeky night of fun and show business. Definitely an event where one should prepare for sequins, glamour and a lot of beautiful bodies.

Burlesque – derived from burla, the Italian for a joke or mockery – is traditionally comic -as well as being about the  generally sexy appeal of clothes coming off. With the seductive, yet utterly witty, charm of Dita von Teese and Gypsy Rose Lee, burlesque has come to the forefront of variety performances and this group of talented performers certainly does this history justice. Prepare for a night that celebrates not just the body, but how we work it and can make fun through it, while wearing very glittery clothes!

Your night is compèred by ‘Cherry Bomb’, a charming and highly amusing guide to the evening. As she fills the gaps between performances, she  successfully uses innuendo which is both sexual and classy, teasing the audience before the acts have begun. However, the links between acts sometimes feel forced, occasionally jokes feel awkward and tenuous in their links.

The performers themselves are not the most polished, but their numbers are executed with energy and personality – performing what Cherry Bomb herself describes as a ‘cocktail of sex and stupidity’. The show is a mixture of classical burlesque performers such as Sally O-Spitfire and Goodness Gracious Me, and those who focus on other styles such as psycho-billy or interesting themes like Jessica Rabbit and dinosaurs. Audience participation is definitely present and embodies the show’s atmosphere as front row members are addressed directly and sometimes asked to perform too!

The combination of live singing and prerecorded music allows performers to showcase their musical talents but also perform energetically without trying to sing at the same time. In addition, the costumes are beautiful as they range from seductive evening dresses, to show girl plumes.

This is an unforgettable evening full of laughter, pasties and merkins (go along to find out more!), as the utterly wonderful performers shimmy, tease and flirt their way through their numbers.


Best of Burlesque
Assembly George Square Gardens (Venue 3)
Until 27th August

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Photo Credit: Best of Burlesque

By Caitlin Powell

Fringe Editor – in – Chief and Senior Culture Writer

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