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Bethan Morrish’s FreshAir.org.uk Pick: Shipwrecked Records

ByBethan Morrish

Mar 29, 2016

Lillian Swanson and Sophie Wylie’s take on the traditional Desert Island Discs format is a light-hearted and entertaining example of the talent that FreshAir has to offer.

This week’s show, with guest Douglas Kellock, featured music from Kendrick Lamar, J Cole and even Mariah Carey. The premise is simple; the guest’s hypothetical shipwreck leads to conversations about the music that has influenced their life. These conversations, stimulated seamlessly by the hosts, were at times thought-provoking, at others cheerful and funny. The hosts and guest struck the perfect combination of light and dark, making the show both an engaging and easy listen.

Whilst the links between the events on the imaginary desert island and the music choices were at times, to use Sophie’s own words, pretty tenuous, they nevertheless kept up the show’s pace and linked it all together nicely. It was also an imaginative way to stimulate personal discussion with whichever guest they have on at the time, making each show individual and personal. Overall, the show was a brilliant display of the impressive quality of our student radio.

Image: FreshAir.org.uk

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