Big Cheese returns

The Edinburgh University Students’ Association has recently revived their popular student club night, Big Cheese. 

The event, which takes place at the Venue in Potterrow on Saturday nights, had been postponed since March 2020 due to Covid-19, and so returned on 2 October to exhilarated crowds of students. 

The atmosphere was definitely one of excitement. 

The Student spoke to some freshers in the queue who in the last few months had been experiencing clubbing for the very first time – they’d even brought their passports to use as ID. 

They told us how relieved they were to be coming to university at a time when everything seems to be going back to normal. 

Some aspects of the event itself didn’t feel as crowded as may have been expected.

It was relatively easy to find a booth at the bar downstairs around midnight, and queues for drinks, coats or the bathroom were never too long. 

However, the queue for entry stretched almost to George Square Gardens, and the dance floor was always busy. 

One attendee commented: 

“I was pleasantly surprised to be back in the middle of so many people, but at times it felt suffocating.”

Perhaps the most surprising part of the night was the lack of Covid-19 protocols, even those which had been previously advertised. 

Despite the posters around campus stating that proof of vaccination, or a ‘vaccine passport,’ would be necessary for entry, these were not checked, or even referred to, when tickets for the event were asked for at the end of the queue.

In addition, mask-wearing was not required at any point in the evening, even though it is required in lectures, seminars and the Main Library. 

Scottish Government advice states that masks should be worn in the queue for a nightclub and in all indoor spaces except the dance floor.

This was not enforced.

Regular visitors will be reassured to hear, however, that many things about the Big Cheese experience have remained the same. 

The floor was still sticky and littered with empty VK bottles and it was still common to find a random phone on the floor. The music was also largely familiar, with a reassuring amount of ABBA. 

The student club night, therefore, seems set to retain its popularity.

Image: EUSA