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Bill Gates visiting the university today to discuss agricultural research and innovation

ByMei Futonaka

Jan 26, 2018

Bill Gates will be visiting the university today to discuss how research and innovation are advancing the lives of communities in Britain and the poorest parts of the world.

International Development Secretary, Penny Mordant, will join Gates in holding a discussion with staff and students on the matter of agricultural research improving the work of farmers.

Funding research regarding improved livestock health is one of the plethora of causes that the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has supported.

Gates said: “For over a billion people living in the world’s poorest countries, agriculture and livestock are a lifeline out of poverty. The science and research being led by the great minds here in Edinburgh are making huge strides in improving the health and productivity of livestock.

“With this investment in GALVmed (Global Alliance for Livestock Veterinary Medicines), we can take advantage of the UK’s leading R&D capabilities to fight the spread of livestock diseases, both protecting animals in the developing world and here in the UK.

“The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation’s investment of $40m will help GALVmed make vaccines, medicines and diagnostics accessible to millions of the world’s poorest smallholder farmers.” (BBC)

The Principal of the University, Professor Sir Timothy O’Shea said: “Feeding the world’s growing population well while protecting the natural systems on which we all depend is one of the greatest challenges facing humanity. “In addition to world-class research, our Global Academy of Agriculture and Food Security will equip future leaders with the knowledge and expertise to tackle this challenge and safeguard the future of the world’s food supplies for generations to come.” (BBC)

News Writer Sara Konradi will have in-depth coverage of the event throughout the day.


Image: OnInnovation via Flickr

By Mei Futonaka

News Editor 3rd year International Relations student

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