Billie Eilish’s debut proves beyond her years with its unique style and songs

Billie Eilish has been around the pop music scene for a while now, and the maturity in her sound certainly shines through in her debut album When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go? The catchy rhythms and infectious hooks, along with the dark lyrics, make it clear that Eilish is going for a much more unique sound than her 2017 EP Don’t Smile At Me. With her debut studio album, Eilish builds on the same qualities that brought her fame, but succeeds in adding complexity to her songwriting and experimenting with more ambitious sounds.

The fact that Eilish is just 17 is often forgotten due to her dark sound, but even through her appeal to the macabre, you can tell through her voice and production that she is still having a great time making music. Her vocal performance on the album shows her versatility in successfully blending genres and making it mainstream. The soft, whisper-like quality makes it perfect for tapping into the darker themes in songs such as ‘Bad Guy’ and ‘Bury a Friend’, but also lends well in showing her vulnerability in tracks like ‘Listen Before I Go.’

The same can be said about the production. Addictive drum beats and synths can be found all over the album, making for melodies that will surely be remembered. Yet, the softer ballads filled with minimal piano accompaniment perfectly complement Eilish’s voice. Eilish experiments with vocal effects, and while they don’t always work perfectly, they never take away from the overall aesthetic of the track. The production is minimal but is also wholly effective for what it aims to achieve in pretty much every track.

Eilish and her brother have crafted an amazingly performed and produced record. The entire album feels cohesive and blends various genres and styles together with great success. Eilish has proven that she has the versatility in both vocals and songwriting to make her trademark weird and eccentric style mainstream, and this record is a very bright start to her career.


Image: Icebox via Wikimedia Commons

By Yu An Su

Music Editor

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