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Blackwell’s unveils Christmas giving tree

ByChloe Henderson

Nov 11, 2014
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This Christmas, whilst shopping for gifts and treats for yourself and your loved ones, why not take a moment to buy a present for a child less fortunate than most? Blackwell’s South Bridge branch is launching its Giving Tree charity this year, in association with a number of local children’s charities (Edinburgh Young Carers, Women’s Aid, The Sick Kids Friends Foundation, Action For Children, Citadel Youth Centre), to provide books for children living in difficult situations this Christmas.

The nation-wide scheme follows on from the success of Blackwell’s Oxford’s Giving Tree last Christmas, which collected over six-hundred books for underprivileged children in need.

A Blackwell’s spokesperson said, “Our aims are to provide children with the opportunity to have access to a wide range of books… to have, love, and cherish as their own.”

A number of Giving Trees are scattered across the children’s departments, adorned with gift tags written by the children with requests for books or the type of books they would like to receive. Customers are encouraged to choose a tag and take it to one of the many expert book-sellers on site, who will help to find a suitable book according to the request. The book is then gift wrapped and will be delivered by the charity ready in time for Christmas Day. Your name and a message will also be included on the tag so that the recipient will know who their gift is from.

If you can’t make it to the store itself, the process can be completed in it’s entirety online. To find out more about the Giving Tree and how you can participate, make sure to visit bookshop.blackwell.co.uk, and follow the relevant links.

By Chloe Henderson

Chloe Henderson is a 3rd year history student and ex-Culture Editor for The Student. She now writes for various sections of the paper, with a particular focus on Science & Tech. Her dream job is to be a superhero, but failing that, a Middle East correspondent for Al-Jazeera.

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