Blossoms: Everyday I Write the Book

4 stars

The best covers aspire to give an original song a new lease on life; Blossom’s latest effort achieves just that. Recorded at home by frontman Tom Ogden, Blossoms deliver a stripped-back rendition of Elvis Costello & The Attraction’s ‘Everyday I Write The Book’, swapping the original track’s sickly-sweet instrumentals for the crisp twangs of a twelve string guitar.

In the four years since their self-titled debut album, Blossoms have made a name for themselves as a group that enjoy experimenting with covers. 

Past efforts, ranging from Paul McCartney’s ‘Wonderful Christmastime’ to Post Malone’s ‘Better Now’ have all shown that the band are willing to take risks. Their latest effort is no different, resulting in a track far more intimate and raw than the original. 

Costello’s lyrics take on a deeper and more tragic meaning thanks to Ogden’s sombre tones, complimented by the simplicity of the guitar. The decision to shed the weight of the original track’s cloying backing track is a smart choice. 

Blossoms version is undoubtedly superior to Costello’s. ‘Everyday I Write The Book’ is taken from Blossoms’ new album In Isolation, a collection of original and cover tracks recorded during lockdown, and if the rest of the tracks follow from this stellar single, it will definitely be worth a listen.

Image: prereynolds via: Flickr