Blossoms’ new album is a cheesy ‘celebration of love’

From their beginnings as a small guitar band from Stockport, Blossoms have grown to be at the forefront of the indie scene. Foolish Loving Spaces follows their synth rock self-titled debut album and Cool Like You, an electro-driven record, and sets them in a new direction towards pop while retaining subtle elements of other genres to create a euphoric, cheery third album.

Frontman Tom Ogden described Foolish Loving Spaces as a “celebration of love”, and this is certainly what characterises the record. Whilst the subject matter remains safe and not particularly daring the band have pushed their sound ambitiously, from funky ABBA-esque hooks on ‘Romance, Eh?’ and ‘My Swimming Brain’ to gospel backing vocals on ‘The Keeper’.

The record is also held together by excellent, groovy basslines, like on ‘Your Girlfriend’ and ‘Sunday Was A Friend of Mine’ or the powerful synths of ‘If You Think This Is Real Life’. There’s some real earworms too, like ‘Oh No (I Think I’m In Love)’ and ‘Like Gravity’ (the latter will have the lyrics “foolish loving spaces” playing through your head for hours). This is one of the highlights of the album; it’s beautifully poetic lyrics, displaying the band’s strength in songwriting.

According to the band, they drew inspiration from Talking Heads, Primal Scream and U2 for this album, although it seems to verge closer to 70s pop.

As such Foolish Loving Spaces at times may descend into being overly cheesy, but this is forgivable. Blossoms have produced an endearingly sappy album, the kind that evokes the same sort of warm feeling as the ending of a good romcom, making for easily uplifting and joyful listening overall.

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