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Bojack Horseman

ByNathaniel Ashley

Feb 13, 2020

For 6 seasons Bojack Horseman has seen the titular anthropomorphic alcoholic stumble from destructive behaviour to rehabilitation and back again. Now, in its final season, he is finally forced to face the music and pay for his crimes.

It’s a welcome development for those who feared that the washed up actor might escape the series without consequence; indeed, the show rarely flinches from forcing its protagonist to confront his own toxic behaviour.

Yet it’s the empathy with which creator Raphael Bob-Wakesberg treats his characters that really sets Bojack apart. It is not a show about blame, or celebrity; it is just a show about people (or animals) all trying to deal with their own damage. 

Some may feel the finale is underwhelming, especially considering the sheer stress of the episode that precedes it, yet for me it felt perfect. As Diane says, “Sometimes life’s a bitch, and then you keep living”.

Illustration: Elspeth Reilly