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Boy Pablo’s Leave Me Alone is a pre-lockdown anthem

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Boy Pablo’s new single ‘Leave me Alone!’ is the synth follow up from ‘Hey Girl’, ‘Honey’ and ‘Rest Up’, all in preparation for his upcoming album Wachito Rico due for release on October 23rd. The single’s release could not have been better timed: the upbeat guitar notes mixed with his mellow and almost hazy vocal tone acts as a lyrical ballad to the approaching autumn. 

The childlike rhythm of the song anchors it to the inspiration for the track, with Boy Pablo expressing the track is about feeling dejected when not wanting to leave a party and being dragged away by his parents. The song manages to somehow transform this arbitrary event into something which we can now all relate to. With the overbearing lockdown restrictions breathing down everyone’s neck, the song’s youthful lyrics draw us back to a time when we wanted to “dance and be in the zone”, push away responsibility, break the rules and ask everyone to “just leave me alone”. After a summer of drearily dreaming about being reunited with our friends, this song acts as transportation to a simpler time: something which we are all in need of.

Image: Morten Pederson via Flickr