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Breakfast is the new brunch at The Huxley

ByLeda Olia

May 12, 2017

Going out for breakfast is a rare event for many students. Brunch? A no-brainer on a leisurely weekend. But having breakfast out conjures up images of sad pastries and rushed filter coffees being chugged on the way to class. But now that the academic term is over, and us students are free to do as we please (bar those pesky exams), I think it’s about time that we reclaim breakfast out as one of life’s simple pleasures. The perfect place to satisfy your newfound love for a cheeky breakfast out? The Huxley has you covered.

Located at the corner of Rutland Street and Lothian Road in the centre of town, and boasting a great vantage point for tourist-watching, The Huxley is quickly becoming a hotspot for visitors and locals alike. If the central location of The Huxley isn’t enough to draw you in for breakfast before a day’s shopping (or revising), then maybe the sleek and stylish interiors will do the trick. With cushy leather banquettes encircling the dining area, and a stunning bar serving as a focal point, this restaurant is the epitome of contemporary comfort.

But let’s talk food. The Huxley’s breakfast menu has enough options to ensure that everyone’s included; from French toast dolloped with blueberry compote for those who have a sweet tooth, to the humble eggs on toast for those who prefer a savoury start to their day. If you’re feeling extra bold, you can even sip on a cocktail while you peruse the menu- who says a Bloody Mary is only for the weekend?

A true avocado lover at heart, I had my sights set on the smashed avocado and poached eggs. There’s nothing like the creaminess of my favourite indulgence topped with delicate parcels of runny egg yolks to perk me up in the morning (other than the sizeable latte I ordered, of course). And when faced with the option of adding smoked salmon to this dreamy dish, I couldn’t help but surrender to temptation. Piled high with multiple slices of Scotland’s favourite fish, and topped with a slathering of avocado the same thickness as the accompanying crusty bread, this plate was not for the faint of heart (nor the small of stomach). The sprinkling of chilli flakes on top of the pillowy poached eggs added a punchy kick to this protein-packed breakfast.

Across the table, my dining partner chose a tried and true classic. The full Scottish breakfast is a morning staple all over town. There’s some stiff competition for which restaurant’s version reigns supreme, but The Huxley’s certainly puts up a fight. With a healthy serving of eggs, sausage, bacon, haggis, black pudding, and more, this version covers all the bases and doesn’t stray far from tradition. But what The Huxley’s version lacks in innovation, it certainly makes up for in quality. A perfect cooked breakfast is always a winner.

While breakfast might not be your go-to for a meal out, The Huxley might just make you think twice the next time you propose a catch-up date with your friends. After all, breakfast out is the perfect excuse to get you out of bed in the morning before you get ready to take on the day- and you don’t even have to cook it yourself.   

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