• Thu. Jun 13th, 2024

Brrrreaking radiators: HCA freeze “frustrating” and “discouraging” say students

Old Medical School building with archway and windows

The History, Classics and Archaeology (HCA) wing in the Old Medical School (The William Robertson Wing) has turned off their heating following radiator leaks, which began in November 2023.

The school has responded to the situation by placing temporary electric heaters in teaching rooms. 

However, larger study and social spaces such as the Undergraduate Common Room and student research rooms are no longer being heated. 

Due to the lack of heating, the student support and experience team cannot offer face-to-face meetings or drop-ins. 

Whilst the department has recommended other study spaces to use, the lack of heating in the undergraduate common room, postgraduate spaces, staff rooms, and the closure of Teviot has reduced the number of places for students to study comfortably.

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A rising cost of living crisis, coupled with the cold weather, has meant student access to warm study spaces has decreased.

Even though the school is attempting to provide temporary heating and other alternatives, there is agreement within the department that there is more attention needed. 

The HCA undergraduate representative, Sam Marks, described the situation as “completely unacceptable.” 

In an email to HCA students, Dr Proctor (Director of Professional Services) of the HCA school who has been very receptive to feedback and was proactive in dealing with the Estates department:

“I recognise this will have an impact on those of you who need space to study and relax in the building. You may find the list of spaces elsewhere in the university here useful.”

This email was sent on the 12th January and has been the last update.

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Students who rely on spaces told The Student how frustrated they were with the situation, with one Classics student noting how they were “discouraged” to use the building, resorting to studying at home instead. 

Honours students and those who run society groups find the lack of heating and communication over the situation “incredibly irritating.” 

Staff members have also commented in lectures about the discomfort caused by the cold. 

Sam Marks has called for central heating to be restored in the Wing by mid-February. 

Edimburgo – Old Medical School” by TonioMora is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0.