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Cadenza: Cambridge University’s Premiere A Cappella Group Review

ByRohini Nambiar

Aug 24, 2019

Performing hits ranging from Corinne Bailey Rae’s “Put Your Record On” to Billie Eilish’s “Bad Guy”, Cadenza is a delightful 50 minutes of top-notch singing. 

The 13-member acapella group features a wide range of hits, across different genres, and the arrangement and transition between songs are smooth and natural. While their upbeat songs are catchy and fun to watch, the highlight of Cadenza are the ballad numbers. The rendition of Adele’s When We Were Young, in particular, evoke emotions and the choreography that accompanies the singing complements the performance. 

Cadenza stands out from the typical acapella performance as the group seeks to engage with their audience, which adds to the experience. Mindful of the space they are working with, the group often turns to interact with the audience sitting in the side rows.

The main issue with Cadenza is the incompatible venue space. The technical difficulties the group faced at the beginning of the performance, with the alarm going off a couple of times during the performance, does not help with the nerves of the performers. As the group relies solely on their voice for the performance, the lead singer’s voice often gets lost in the music, with the background singers’ overpowering vocals. The poor acoustics in the room, coupled with the open layout of the room, does not help with the sound quality. Despite the rough start, the group faced at the beginning; they remained calm and collected and the show picks up in the latter half of the set. 

Overall, Cadenza is an enjoyable musical experience for festival-goers who are looking for a beautiful rendition of their favourite hits.


Cadenza: Cambridge University’s Premiere A Cappella Group

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Image Credit: Millie Tsang


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