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Cagatay Sahan’s calamitous grandslam

ByIsabelle Boulert

Nov 9, 2015

If the 2015/16 Premier League season so far has taught us anything, it must certainly be that José Mourinho doesn’t respond well to being eclipsed by the competition.

Perhaps, therefore, it is advisable that the current crop of match officials make themselves scarce in the coming week as José realises that, despite being banished to the stands for allegedly calling John Moss “fucking weak,” once again he is playing Jos-B in the egregious behaviour stakes.

F0r this week, it is not the name of that petulant Portu-geezer that is on everyone’s lips, but that of Ibrahim Haciosmanoglu, a man who (literally) holds the key to referee intimidation.

The President of Turkish Super Lig club Trabzonspor, along with several of his board members have been handed lengthy bans following an incident which saw referee Cagatay Sahan and his posse of officials imprisoned in a locker room after  failing to award Trabzonspor a penalty in the dying minutes of a 2 – 2 draw against Gaziantepspor.

The beleagured referees were only granted their freedom, according to Haciosmanoglu, when “a very important person called me and asked me not to cause embarrassment in Turkey and around the world.”

Don’t get me wrong, the Premier League’s champion curmudgeon is still very much the ‘Special One’ in Britain, although galling gallic grump Wenger is hot in pursuit of his title.

I suspect, as is with so many other issues in Britain today, the fault lies with David Cameron.  Questions over whether or not he played a role in the saga will remain forever unanswerable. If he didn’t, José would probably still hold his most cherished crown and John Moss would be the Shergar of the refereeing world.

Personally, I think the Prime Minister probably did take a leaf out of the person who may or may not have been President Erdoğan and  attempt to intervene in the game at West Ham. Unless of course he went to Villa Park instead…

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By Isabelle Boulert

Isabelle, a third year History and Politics student hailing from Berkshire, is Sport Editor for The Student Newspaper. Tweet sporting trivia and dad jokes to her at @IALBoulert.  

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