Caribou ends five-year hiatus with new single ‘Home’

Caribou has ended his musical drought after five years with new single ‘Home’, and it couldn’t be more different to the simplistic and memorable tones that once enchanted us. Here, Caribou catches us off guard, as if someone’s suddenly blasted the radio on. ‘Home’ by Gloria Barnes is the central sample to this track, and it is something which ingrains into your mind and allows you to sing along to it within seconds. The track builds as a funky cloud of nostalgia; a moment of sentimentality that you didn’t know you felt until the voice vanishes. It is a brief moment, captured by the original 70s aura that is Gloria Barnes; holding hands and dancing with Caribou’s gentle lead.

The Canadian producer, whose real name is Dan Snaith, told NME in a recent interview that ‘Home’ was to recapture those “moments when something changes suddenly,” which “catalyses a change in your whole life – when you need to go back to something familiar, pick up the pieces and start again.” Familiar is right. By keeping Barnes’ sample on a constant loop throughout, the track becomes an old favourite, one of those records your Dad said he listened to when he was young and has now become ‘cool’ once again.   

4 stars

Image: XLR8R

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