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Caribou’s stylish simplicity on new single ‘Never Come Back’

ByTristan Scott

Feb 29, 2020

Four Stars

Bright synths welcome the listener to Dan Snaith’s new single, the third since returning to his Caribou project towards the end of 2019 after a four-year break. From the introduction the track simply becomes more vibrant as it’s infectious melody gets the listener into a groove.

The warm and organic sound which has become the signature of Caribou songs over the years is again present in his comeback singles, the first two being ‘Home’ and ‘You and I’. Never before however has it been so apparent as in ‘Never Come Back’. Snaith’s voice gently drifts over the repeated, bouncy chord sequence, accompanied by a short vocal sample, which is characteristic of his newer releases. Unlike songs such as ‘Your Love Will Set You Free’ and ‘Can’t Do Without You’ found on his previous record, in which the Canadian producer blended textures expertly together, this latest track is wonderfully simple. The chord sequence remains the same throughout, with only percussion and an additional synth to bring depth as the song progresses in a great house-music beat, as has largely been Caribou’s style since his beginnings making minimalistic elevator-sounding-music.

With the release of his first LP since 2015’s Our Love coming at the end of the month, this third single in the promotion of Suddenly, announced as the record’s title, indicates a move away from the masterfully crafted and blended sounds of his previous albums, instead favouring outright groove and simple, lightweight structures. All the signs suggest that this new LP will be one to move your feet to; I for one can’t wait.

Image: nvivo.es via Flickr