Cate le Bon is mesmerising on new track ‘Secretary’

This time of year, the slow transition from the end of the summer to the mossy depths of autumn is so closing and dull, a time for recovery, recuperation, nesting. The sweating, panting hours of summer are in a memory, and the greens and blues of autumn land.

Cate le Bon and Bradford Cox’s ‘Secretary’ is so rooted in this transition. le Bon’s voices sing high, like an arcadian calling, and low, almost talking, hovering over a bed of tinkering and clinking experiments. It’s all a spell. A fuggy, misty horn sails, swaying, the most beautiful moment in the song. Through the boring and longing life of an office worker, le Bon sings how it feels to be exhausted, inside and weary. The voice calls for others to allow her time and space to recuperate, to allow for the process of piecing herself together after the intensity and hot noise of the summer. Cox’s wonderings at the end are an escape, musing on planes, vast outside spaces, phone-calls being disconnected, a memory maybe. The whole song is so accurate in its capturing of the mood of shifting, and turning, from outside to inside, warm to cold, running to nesting.

5 stars

Image: Genius

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