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Captor Audiences: Robert Pattinson and the Perils of Teen Stardom

This article was originally published in print on the 23rd March When my flatmates and I bought tickets to see Robert Pattinson’s The Batman, we were wholeheartedly expecting to leave…

Downton Abbey: A New Era — Do We Need More?

Highclere Castle, the set of Downton Abbey, in the summer.

Review: Moonfall

Every so often, a major studio releases a picture of such shockingly low quality that everyone, from critics to mass audiences to industry professionals alike, reels in surprise. The most…

Modern-day censorship: A new ending to Fight Club in China

The cult classic Fight Club has just undergone a surprising change, to the chagrin of many viewers: a drastically altered new ending, which was recently uploaded by Chinese streaming site…

Transitioning Literature into Cinema: Denis Villeneuve’s Equilibria

Denis Villeneuve

Members Only: A Guide to Cinema Membership in Edinburgh

Going to the cinema is back in style! Whether you’re going with a group of mates, a hot date, or in your own company, there’s nothing like seeing a film…

A TV and Film Lover’s Guide to Valentine’s Day

As Valentine’s Day quickly approaches, it can often catch us off guard, unsure about what we should do for the occasion. With the weather getting more miserable by the day,…