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The Equalizer

From the opening Mark Twain quote to the gratuitous bloodshed of the penultimate scenes, The Equalizer ungracefully crushes together two beloved types of Denzel Washington film. Combining the ruthless assassin…

An Age Old Problem

Isn’t it time we saw more of the elderly, and middle-aged portrayed on screen?


King’s Theatre – Run Ended “I wish they’d killed you in a decent show.” Thus ends “To Any Dead Officer,” a poem by the famous British World War I poet…

50 Shades of Bedlam

What can be epitomized as a truly unique experience, Bedlam’s 2014 Fresher’s Play is a wickedly wanton life-force of its own.

Jacob’s Folly

The balance to be found between duty and desire is an inner struggle that all in life will have to face, the choice between self-interest and the needs of those…

Far Away

n her new novel Fly Away, talented author Kristin Hannah revisits best friends Tully and Kate from her 2008 novel Firefly Lane. The book is set 30 years later and…

Seep II: Mirrors & Mires

At times this exhibition can lack clarity, and it must be viewed in conjunction with the descriptions for the viewer to properly attain a sense of the overall theme. Nevertheless,…

Lyceum’s new play not for the faint-hearted

The latest offering from the Lyceum Theatre is not for the fainthearted. Packed with violence, blood, and offensive language, Kill Johnny Glendenning contains elements that can make even the most…